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Bluerock Total Income+ Real Estate Fund (“TI+”) offers individual investors access to a portfolio of institutional real estate investment funds managed by top-ranked institutional managers. With TI+, investors seeking income, capital appreciation and low correlation to equity and debt markets have an opportunity to invest directly alongside leading endowments and pension funds in private real estate investments previously accessible only to large institutions… but with significantly lower minimum investments.

Because performance can greatly depend on the quality of the fund managers, Bluerock has engaged two of the industry’s most respected investment advisors — Mercer Investment Management, Inc. and DWS (a division of Deutsche Bank) to advise on the private equity and public securities investments of the Fund.

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Bluerock Fund Advisor, LLC

Portfolio Manager

Bluerock Fund Advisor, LLC is a subsidiary of Bluerock Real Estate Holdings, LLC. Principals of Bluerock and members of the Fund Advisor Investment Committee have collectively sponsored or structured real estate transactions totaling approximately 50+ million square feet and with approximately $10 billion in value.

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  • Risk Management
  • Strategy Development
  • Investment Committee
  • Valuation Oversight
  • Overall Fiscal Management

Mere Investment Management

Mercer Investment Management, Inc.

Private Equity Advisor

TI+ has an exclusive partnership with Mercer Investment Management, Inc., which acts as sub-advisor to the Fund. Mercer has been one of the world’s leading advisors to endowments, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and family offices globally, with over 3,700 clients worldwide, and $15 trillion in assets under advisement.

Mercer works to evaluate over 5,800 investment managers and 29,000 individual investments/strategies and works with Bluerock to select a strategic combination of ‘best-in-class’ institutional real estate managers and investments for the Fund.

  • Research Data
  • Manager Search/Selection
  • Manager Due Diligence
  • On-going Manager Oversight



Public Securities Advisor

RREEF America LLC (a division of DWS) acts as sub-advisor to the TI+ Fund’s public real estate securities investments and is a registered investment adviser under the Advisers Act. DWS’ real estate business in the U.S. dates back to 1975.

Today, DWS has $800+ billion in assets under management and works with 550+ institutional clients. Of that total, approximately $51 billion of AUM is invested in real estate securities globally, making DWS one of the largest real estate securities managers in the world.

  • Trade Execution
  • Market Analysis
  • Security Risk Management
  • Fundamental Security Valuation Analysis