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Fund Brochure

Total Income+ Sub Advisor Brochure

TI+ Fact Sheet Q1 2021
(A, C, L Shares)

TI+ Fact Sheet Q1 2021
(I Share)

19(A) – March 19, 2021

Semi-Annual Report (3.31.2021)

Annual Report (9.30.2020)

A Share Performance Report (Q1 2021)

 C Share Performance Report (Q1 2021)

I Share Performance Report (Q1 2021)

L Share Performance Report (Q1 2021)

Class A Prospectus

Class C Prospectus

Class I Prospectus

Class L Prospectus

Statement of Additional Information (SAI)

TI+ Repurchase & Distribution Calendar 2021

Client Account Login Instructions

Educational Media

A Guide to Interval Funds

TI+ Fund Advisor Video


New Account Application

Account Update Form

Transfer and Assignment of Shares

Additional Investment Account Application

Automatic Investment Plan (AIP) Form

Transfer On Death (T.O.D.) Form

First Trust IRA Application – Direct Held

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